vendredi, décembre 15, 2006

4:30 for 42.8 km

I know that the report for the Marathon has come a little late. In this year's Beirut Marathon, I finished in 4:30, which is 1 hour 4o minutes less than last year's, adding to that, we ran extra 600 meters due to the demonstrations still going on in Downtown Beirut. However, I totally believe that there is still plenty of room for improvement. For this, I'm gonna set another target for next year's Marathon. I hope that I would be more prepared for it and injury-free unlike this year where I ran with an injured knee. Let's say that next year's target would be 3:30.

vendredi, décembre 01, 2006

The beginning of the end

I've never seen Hamra street so empty and so dead on a friday evening. I guess the situation is all the same all over Lebanon. Most of the shop are closed, however some are resilient and kept their shops open desperate to have at least one client, but helplessly.
Is this the beginning of the end that we are watching happening here? The end of Lebanon as an entity. Lebanon as a final state for all? The beginning of a new era. The Iranian or Najadian Republic of Lebanon? Maybe THIS is the new Middle East. You want to beat the USA? Not on my land Mr. Najad. Do they want us to leave this country for good? At least, I will continue to pay taxes in the receiving country. I will perseve re paying for Electricity, Water etc.
Today was a historical day. Yes. Sure it was. We witneesed, for the first time in Lebanon, a Shiite Leader from the Maronite community, because everybody knows that the leader is defined by their supporters, which today were 90% Shiite.

Don't screw up the marathon

Do whatever you want. Go to the streets. Seize the government, the parliament. Take the whole country. Import Iranian democracy. But I won't let you screw up my Marathon again!