mardi, août 25, 2009

The "tale" of a smoking pregnant woman who can't wait in a line

So I guess it needs an important event for me to break the silence. Well listen to this. I was in the supermarket, doing my weekly shopping, to fill my always empty fridge. Well the reason for my empty fridge, is that, no matter how hungry i amor how much food there is, I always manage to devour everything, to the last crum. So back to my story, as I was waiting in the line and getting ready to put my items on the counter, as I was stopped by a pregnant woman, asking if this is the priority counter for pregnant women and handicapped. Well, it wasn't the case, but they let her anyway. I had no problem with that, although I hate waiting like any other normal person in the world (I think i know people who like the waiting, weird). Then came my turn, I paid and headed to the exit only to see our pregnant woman standing outside, and guess what she was doing? SMOKING! Well I accuse this woman (Yeah, i have the right, in this blog i have all the power I need) of abuse to the system, but this is still a minor issue, compared to the abuse of her own health. So she can't wait in a line because this is detrimental for her health, however self introducing to her body nicotine, tar and other chemical substances has no harm on her. Last but not least, if she doesn't care about her own health, how about some responsibility towards a new life to be born?