vendredi, mars 31, 2006

Goodbye my friend!

I lost my friend 2 days ago. I realized this when I went back home from university to discover that he wasn't there. So I had a flashback of memories that I had with this close friend over the years. We used to eat together every night, wake up in the morning (I always used to wake up way before my friend) He's been a true friend, the kind of friends who stick with you in all sort of conditions from the gloomiest to the gladdest and from the dullest to the most euphoric moments in my life. And now all the memories are gone. He will maybe share these moments with someone else. Anyway, I hope they will be happy together but I’m going to miss him, my dearest Philips cd/mp3 player.

lundi, mars 27, 2006

Progeria : A tribute to John Tackett

Many of u may have heard of a disease called progeria which is briefly a premature aging. As a result, u can find a 10 year-old child looking physiologically like an 80 year-old person. Usually they die at the age of 15 maximum of cardiovascular diseases. The importance of this , is that the discovery of the etiology and characteristics of this disease, can be considered a big leap in the long researchers quest in figuring out the causes and the cure from cardiovascular disease and this will shed the light more on the processes of aging in general since it's becoming a big issue.
One of these guys is John Tackett who, despite all of his problems, was very happy and thankful for each second he was spending as if when something is rare, it becomes more valuable. He was also a very good drummer. He died exactly 2 years ago at the age of 15 but with a maturity of a 50 year-old guy. Anyway, this guy can be me, can be anyone, because life is short and we never have the time or the chance to do what we want to. We always run out of time.

Progeria Lyrics: Nobils Tobilis Music: Nobilis Tobilis

Life is too short, you don't notice
As years faded ephemerally
Try to escape you won't manage
Doomed to take part in this masquerade

We all fall like withered flowers
With fear and pain haunting our souls
There's nobody here to share your grief
Cherish your days Carry your burden

He spent his lifetime almost content
Although the odds were all against him
Spreading hope and happiness
A morbid fate, is this all he gets

It's so early to leave this world
And farewell this wonderful realm of mine
I've got so much more to show you all
What I am capable of

I'm ready for this bitter end
The moment where the drums will stop
To rhythm my o so perfect life
Mourn me this is what I demand

vendredi, mars 24, 2006

Tripoli-Mina Race

The 2nd of April will be held the Tripoli Mina race which is organized by the Beirut Marathon Association. It's a 10-K race so it's a "fun" race and nothing compared to the 42.185 Km of the Marathon. By the way, you can see my picture (See how messed up I was) at the finish line after the 2005 Beirut Marathon where I had some bad but unforgettable and fruitful experience. I'm so excited about this race, especially that I would be running a very familiar track where I will pass next to my house in El Mina, provided i recover from my lower back injury that I mentioned in a previous post. I recomment for those of you who in Lebanon to participate in this race. It's a nice way to spend your sunday. For more info about the race (time, place, registration) go to the Beirut Marathon Association website.

mercredi, mars 22, 2006

Bonne fête maman!

Chez nous au Liban, la fête des mères tombe le 21 mars. Ce qui est intriguant c'est que cette fête n'est pas célébrée le même jour partout dans le monde, de même pour d'autres fêtes. Par exemple, en Europe, on la célèbre en mai, je pense. Personnellement je trouve que le fait de la célébrer le 21 mars coincidant avec le début du Printemps est plus symbolique et a plus de significations. Le Printemps c'est le symbole du renouvellement cyclique continue de la vie et de la nature et symbole de la fécondité.

lundi, mars 20, 2006

Lower back pain

I once bought a pair of roller blades. I used to ride in my hometown where it's all flat. No descent, no climbs. So I decided that I want something more challenging. 2 weeks ago, I put on my roller blades, and drag myself into the unknown. Well not really the unknown. It's the road I usually take to go to my university each day, so pretty familiar, however, the slopes of the descents don't appear that familiar when you're stuck in a pair of roller blades. I'm the kind of guys who like to risk their life for the fun and for the adrenaline. So I found a climb and decided to attack it. But after a climb, there is always a descent. U can't avoid it. So I started the descent. The laws of physics say that the speed will increase in a descent because the potential energy that I had at the top of the climb will be transformed into kinetic one. And usually, under normal circumstances, Physics don't deceive. So, as I was descending, I reached relativistic speed, and for some reason, I didn't use my brakes. I saw a car heading toward me. I had 2 alternatives. An 8-wheel human vs a 4-wheel car collision or a self-induced fall. I opted for the second (for once, I was reasonable, and not kamikaze as usual) Bad news, I fell straight on my lower back.(It was my second lower back injury since a "friend" of mine once took of the chair from underneath me when I was trying to sit). It's the kind of injuries that lasts for long. You don't recover from it easily. But what can I do. I love to take risks, to put my life in jeopardy. What I like the most, is the moment of uncertainty, where u feel yourself at mid-distance between the two sides. It's a strange feeling of freedom mixed with fear, highness and orgasm.

vendredi, mars 10, 2006


I prefer to leave bad impressions rather than no impression at all. I prefer to be remembered rather than forgotten and not even noticed.