samedi, avril 15, 2006

A blind "weekly bus trip" #4

From the series "weekly bus trip" here is the latest one. Last week, I had to go to do a check-up for my eyes. Since I'm a quasi-blind with -7 degrees in each eye, it's recommended. I was in Beirut and the appointment was in Tripoli. The other reason for the check-up is that all my glasses are broken and the contact lenses are tiring-up my eyes so I had to buy new glasses. Bad news. According to the ophthalmologist, I can't put on my contact lenses 12 hours before the check-up. So 2 choices: Do a blind trip or wear my single handed glasses. I opted for the second one. Then, in the bus, where by the way, I was lucky because the seat next to me had been empty during the entire trip, I met 2 girls, one of them was gorgeous. I think she was gorgeous, but since I wasn't wearing my half glasses. U can call them monocles too. And u know it's hard to impress someone while wearing monocles. But at least, one thing was sure, they were girls. Yeah, don't worry. I still can discern gender. Those of you who don't have myopia is hard for them to imagine how tough is our life without glasses, especially on the beach where I usually am the only one who misses all the "panorama".