mardi, mai 02, 2006

To be with you

To be with you

Here I am facing my gloom
Sadness and grief are all that I feel
Weeping a love about to bloom
To get you back I’m ready to kneel

The D day was a rebirth for me
My life changed my days blossomed
Always smiling always content
Thinking it was the beginning of a story

I thought it was just a dream
It was real however ephemeral
I want to shout I want to scream
I’ll do anything to make it lasts

To be with you is all I wish
Hugging you makes me feel secure
Otherwise I will drown in anguish
Quitting this world as the only cure

I’m not too young you’re not too old
We’re both young we must not suffer
Although it’s a short story
Don’t end it let it unfold