vendredi, février 06, 2009

There is a thin line between individualism and selfishness

Last week, I had my first metro accident. As if it's normal to have at least one in your life.
Anyway, I was on my way to work. The subway was over-crowded because of some technical problems that I always mysterious.
We stopped at a station, it wasn't mine yet, but i was stepping out of the train, by courtesy, to let the passengers pass and at that moment, my leg caught the space between the train and the edge of the subway platform, wide enough for my leg.
It actually turned out that being thin has its disadvantages afterall.
Then i managed to pull off my leg very quickly, in extreme pain. I checked my leg to see the damages. Two big contusions, one on the thigh and the other, below the knee, more serious.

Then, when I tried to get in the train, it was already full. Nobody cared about a guy hurting because he was trying to let them pass. Anyway, I'm with being individualistic. Actually, i adopt this lifestyle. But I strongly beleive that there is a thin line between being individualistic and being selfish.