mardi, juin 27, 2006

If you wanna kill yourself do it, but I wanna live!

Yeah I know It's been a very long time. Some of you was wondering what happened to the Batteur Noble. I can't hear his drums no more. Is he still alive? The answer is yes. I'm "not dead yet" (Quoting a friend of mine, Otter) This leads me to the topic of interest which is smoking. I used to be a moderate smoking (a pack a day) but I quitted (see my resolutions for 2006). However, I'm still exposed to heavy second hand smoking. And it's everywhere! It's hard to escape the fact of being second-hand smoker. In Europe, many countries has started a new policy, banning smoking in public places. I think we should start a similar campaign in Lebanon. Being a second-hand smoker against my will is, first, jeopardizing my health (I'm heavily allergic, almost asthmatic) and second, my personal freedom is in danger.
Maybe this post will be a seed for a national campaing against smoking or maybe it will a meaningless post like all previous ones.

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Anonyme a dit…

you are absolutely right but I doubt Arab governments take this issue seriously especially when they feel that so many other issues take priority and also because of the economic gain from the tabacco industry.

From Ramallah, Shireen

nobilis tobilis a dit…

hey Shireen! Glad to hear from you!
Yeah I know. I think i'm not being realistic. But we all have our little dreams.

viola a dit…

it's been long time since my last time here ..being busy with life ,well im asthmatic person too & i hate SMOKING..glad that u quitted this bad habit

nobilis tobilis a dit…
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nobilis tobilis a dit…

Glad to hear from you again. I've been busy too, the reason why i wasn't updated my blog.
Yeah I quit smoking a year ago and now I'm fully committed to endurance sports, cycling in particular.

Anonyme a dit…

Hi, I'm an israeli, feeling your pain and hearing your distress.
If only there was a way convincing u that people here really care about u
No one want that Lebanese will get heart, we all hoping for peace and wishing u will hold on and wont suffer.
I'm hoping for a day which I can hold your hand with trust, deep respect and love.
Wish u all well and keep safe