samedi, juillet 22, 2006

What made this war unavoidable

What made this war unavoidable? Why the whole internaltional community has given the green light to Israel to destroy Lebanon, not even trying to stop this war, only trying to limit the damages, dealing with it as if it was a natural disaster like a tsunami. One thing is true, this war is way beyond Lebanon, it's a regional one, however, internally, we could have done something to avoid it. The problem was that the different Lebanese partis were unaible to reach a consensus pertaining to many issues in Lebanon, which is natural since we have a democratic regime. However, if we were united from the inside, we would have faced in a better way the external threats jeopardizing our recent indepence and stability. What we have to do now is to achieve what we failed to do before july 12, facing this critical period together.

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sarcastictothebone a dit…

This war was unavoidable my friend....

Exactly no one cares if thousands of people die in Lebanon. Nothing can stir the humanitarian committee’s attention, unless we own something called POWER to influence their decision, which we don’t to begin with, Can you answer my question here: is the repercussions on racial tension in the USA the main reasonable factor for US politics in abroad?
If we consider improvement in struggle against racism , prejudice against blacks hasn’t yet been entirely omitted from USA, there was racist intensions behind nuclear bombs dropped in Hiroshima and Nagasaki 1945, continuous war in Iraq, the list is long you actually think we are saved by this racism?

Don’t you think that the racist nature of US foreign policy is the reason that the most influential American diplomats in times of war have been colored, including Condy Rice and her predecessor Collin Powel ???

This racism is the reason why CNN portrays only one side of the coin disregarding that people are being perished on the other side of the world and no one dares to be on their side……. Fairness is merely an illusion that we all long for but can never reach for.
p.s. are u still alive? just post something so taht we can know u are ok! stay safe

Anton Effendi a dit…

Yes, to avoid this war you should have disarmed Zibballah - You had this groupcreate a state within a state and you did not see that the group was working for Iran and Syria - So if you are serious, you should take the matter into your own hands and do what the Israelis are now doing.... But this needs balls.... This is unfortunately missing in Lebanon.... Too bad and too sad

sarcastictothebone a dit…

just read this article: you'll know