jeudi, novembre 30, 2006

Leave this country alone to avoid the catastrophe!

Lebanon is not Switzerland or Luxembourg. The socio-economic indicators are catastrophic. After all the assassinations and the very unstable security in the country and after the last Israel-Hezbollah war against Lebanon, our country is on the edge of literal bankruptcy. Political leaders should agree or reach a compromise as quickly as possible because they could find themselves alone in this country. March 8th, March14th, February14th, July12th, I don’t want to be called by a date! I barely support my birth date, which was last week by the way. Speaking of birthday, I’m now celebrating the first year of my blog. It was a good year, for me at least but not for the country as a whole, and since we don’t exist isolated from the external environment, we are all affected. I just hope that things won’t escalate. It’s too much for a 10452m2-country.

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zizou from Djerba a dit…

Azizi Nabil !
Happy Birthday to you and to Nobilis Tobilis !I miss you dear friend... I hope I can come and visit soon !

Khawwta a dit…

"I don’t want to be called by a date! I barely support my birth date.."
I wish all the Lebanese can say it..
Nice post :)
by the way happy birthday to you and your blog wel 3awad bissalamit l watan