samedi, juillet 22, 2006

What made this war unavoidable

What made this war unavoidable? Why the whole internaltional community has given the green light to Israel to destroy Lebanon, not even trying to stop this war, only trying to limit the damages, dealing with it as if it was a natural disaster like a tsunami. One thing is true, this war is way beyond Lebanon, it's a regional one, however, internally, we could have done something to avoid it. The problem was that the different Lebanese partis were unaible to reach a consensus pertaining to many issues in Lebanon, which is natural since we have a democratic regime. However, if we were united from the inside, we would have faced in a better way the external threats jeopardizing our recent indepence and stability. What we have to do now is to achieve what we failed to do before july 12, facing this critical period together.

mardi, juillet 18, 2006

God bless you Lebanon

Due to the situations, I'm not ale to access internet veryoften. I will just give a sign of life for all those who are wondering. I hope this situation will end as soon as possible.