vendredi, juillet 20, 2007

And you say you wanna change the world and help the people?

I'm really amazed by people that declare themselves as "thinkers" and "rebellious", involving in never-ending conversations about how we should change the world to a better one, where all humans should live in peace, dignity and freedom, about the importance that all should be equal in rights and duties.
I'll tell you what! The first duty that you will have to do is to throw this cigarette and give me the right to breath some fresh air. Beleive me! In that way, you will be of greater help to the Earth and Humanity instead of polluting my air with your meaningless blablabla.

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So does this mean i can no longer smoke at your place?

BTW welcome back to the blogosphere! we thought you disappeared :D

Krys a dit…

ehem ehem... :)


ma 7ada m3abbarik ya krys :D

nobilis tobilis a dit…

I Agree :P

Krys a dit…

lech min allak ana m3abbra hada

Liliane a dit…

hmmm eh you're right. i donno what pisses off more, those who say they want to change the world but dont, or those who don't even bother to say they want to change the world. A lebanese matal comes to mind, bass a bit vulgar :P will keep it to myself