lundi, février 19, 2007

My daily visit to the center of the physiotherapy

This is how my life has become for the last 2 months. Daily visits to a center for physiotherapy, where my legs has been subjected to more than 50 mA current on a daily basis, backed with some really tough exercises.
You want to know the reason; you have to go back to more than 8 years in 1998 where I had an ACL injury while playing football. Than I thought that my knee has recovered completely until I ran the 2006 Beirut Marathon (42.195 km plus 600 meters added because of the camping in DT). I suffered severe knee pain during the Marathon and after it. I consulted the physician, and it turned out that I still have weak thigh muscles (Quadriceps in particular) which is increasing the pressure on the knee, to undergo physiotherapy sessions for two months.
The reason for this therapy is my weak left knee caused by weak thigh muscles (Quadriceps in particular). (I love how causality can explain some phenomena, but not always)
Bottom line: In order to have a strong knee, you have to have strong muscles to take the pressure off the knee. One element cannot support all the efforts and pressure otherwise it will crack. It’s the coordination and collaboration of all the members in the body, the family, the society, the nature and the cosmos working as one entity that produce the perfect balance and equilibrium, primordial for the productivity and the survival.

jeudi, février 15, 2007

Out of my cocoon..

Finally! It’s good to be back. It feels like home again. You may be asking what happened to this guy. Is he dead? Is he a martyr now? Especially that the last post talked about the clashes in Beirut during the black Thursday. Well no. I’m still alive and surely I wasn’t involved in any of the clashes. And it wasn’t a blog strike. I was just on a different sphere; A sphere of my own. The reason for this extended absence is the fact that I was preparing for my final poster presentation in order to earn my Masters degree from AUB. And then, as you know, my student account had been cancelled and still waiting for the staff account, since I’m working in AUB now. In the meantime, I would like to thank my dearest colleague who is letting me using her account. Adding to that, I was involved in a project in Qana, therefore I had to go to the south several times. Anyhow, I’m back and ready for any upcoming challenges.