jeudi, février 15, 2007

Out of my cocoon..

Finally! It’s good to be back. It feels like home again. You may be asking what happened to this guy. Is he dead? Is he a martyr now? Especially that the last post talked about the clashes in Beirut during the black Thursday. Well no. I’m still alive and surely I wasn’t involved in any of the clashes. And it wasn’t a blog strike. I was just on a different sphere; A sphere of my own. The reason for this extended absence is the fact that I was preparing for my final poster presentation in order to earn my Masters degree from AUB. And then, as you know, my student account had been cancelled and still waiting for the staff account, since I’m working in AUB now. In the meantime, I would like to thank my dearest colleague who is letting me using her account. Adding to that, I was involved in a project in Qana, therefore I had to go to the south several times. Anyhow, I’m back and ready for any upcoming challenges.

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Aha, El Traitro... Do you swap colleagues that fast!! As for missing you! well no one did!
But we surely would have missed you on Feb 14 :D

hehe Welcome Back Le Tobilis

Krys a dit…

M speak for yourself huh !!!!
I missed him & even left him a message on his last post to see if he's still on this earth!!! :P

nobilis tobilis a dit…

Thanks Krys. I know that you beleived in me.
I missed you too.
As for the traitors, no need to mention :P

AM a dit…

Eh welcome back!
Ana kamen I was away.
Inshallah nesma3 akhbar 7elwe 3ala wejjak lol.

nobilis tobilis a dit…

10x am,
Maybe the leaders in our country should work on this issue in order to limit the regional influences.
OOoops! I don't speak politics on this blog