jeudi, novembre 22, 2007

My last feast

Unveil yourself, you mighty force
You left me facing my hex
Hampered my spur, killed my impetus
Disparaged my lost pride

Come to me mischievous sprite
Save me from my eternal fight
Drag me down to your deepest abyss
I don’t deserve to enjoy the light

Dismember me, dissect my flesh
Suck up the last drop of my soul
Slice me and dice me then serve me fresh
In the next demons’ feast

Decorate your demoniacal banquet
Top it up with my soulless face
Hand round my freshest red
A dressing for my human chops

mardi, novembre 13, 2007

No! Shower Gels are not only for Women!

When I usually take a shower or prepare pasta (since it's one of the few meals I can actually "cook"), I like to spend some time reading the notice on the box or pack. What has always stricken me is the fact that the Arabic instructions are always addressed to females. I always ask myself why? Am I using the wrong shower gel? It's not indicated that it's only for females and I didn't notice any unusual changes in my body. Or this implies that men are supposed to bathe in their own filth? Or am I conquering female territories by preparing food? (You call it food, it's a lousy pasta, and I'm not even preparing the sauce, I'm buying a ready one).
I think we are facing here a double discrimination. A discrimination against women, by limiting them to the sole housework duties (I didn't mention the instructions notice on the Detergents, etc) and by assuming that men don't care about their personal health and hygiene and won't use "delicate" shower gel or shampoos. I think we do need them since we may be more exposed to life hazards and to baldness, obviously.