mardi, novembre 13, 2007

No! Shower Gels are not only for Women!

When I usually take a shower or prepare pasta (since it's one of the few meals I can actually "cook"), I like to spend some time reading the notice on the box or pack. What has always stricken me is the fact that the Arabic instructions are always addressed to females. I always ask myself why? Am I using the wrong shower gel? It's not indicated that it's only for females and I didn't notice any unusual changes in my body. Or this implies that men are supposed to bathe in their own filth? Or am I conquering female territories by preparing food? (You call it food, it's a lousy pasta, and I'm not even preparing the sauce, I'm buying a ready one).
I think we are facing here a double discrimination. A discrimination against women, by limiting them to the sole housework duties (I didn't mention the instructions notice on the Detergents, etc) and by assuming that men don't care about their personal health and hygiene and won't use "delicate" shower gel or shampoos. I think we do need them since we may be more exposed to life hazards and to baldness, obviously.

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I think we do need them since we may be more exposed to life hazards ==> now this my friend is dicrimination against women! I didn't there were any sexist bloggers around here! ehhem ehhem


didn't know*

nobilis tobilis a dit…

I think u misunderstood me. I didn't mean it that way. And here i'm being scientific. If you conduct studies on risky behavior and compare males and females, you will have a significant difference. So this is just to refute your argument because i can give you more examples if you want.
And how dare you throw such a comment to a feminist like me.

Manal a dit…

It goes with all the other stereotypes that we had in our school books, the father reading the newspaper and the mother at the kitchen, the little boy reading the newspaper with his father and the little girl helping the mother at the Kitchen:p, the detergents TV Ads which talk only to women as if men had no clothes to wash, and then as you said the shower gels and food etiquettes!! I laughed much when I read your post, you said it all in a very funny way, but when I look at it deeply, I just hate it!! It’s DISCRIMINATORY!!!
VERY happy to see you back to your blog, I read almost all your posts and didn’t wanna look ridiculous by commenting very old news :p, so glad to see you back!
Thanks for commenting my post ;-)

MMMMMMMMM>> I’m still waiting for my book :p

Liliane a dit…

yalla 3abbeh customer complaint form!

poshlemon a dit…

Nobilis Tobilis,

I haven't noticed this at all. Maybe you do your shopping at the wrong place hehe!

Well, I agree with you on the "double discrimination". But, it will get better, as other things have. I realize that a lot of men would be criticized for taking extra care of themselves and I find that extremely silly. I think, why not? We all need to look after our bodies, inside and outside - men and women equally.

nobilis tobilis a dit…

Exactly! But do you think it's an Arab thing or we can find it in Europe.
Thx for your first comment on my blog but it would be ok if u commented on older posts.

ma bla77ik. I'll have to fill too many :P

So if you haven's notice that, maybe you are also doing your shopping in the wrong place :P

poshlemon a dit…

Nobilis Tobilis,

hehe, oh yeah ;) well, maybe I am.

But, I'd like to say that in many instances this is to be found in British television, where all the cliches and stereotypes are put into one great bundle of an advertisement. While these stereotypes are often broken (in both regards, whether in favor of men or women), there are still the regular stereotypical representations to be seen here and there. I think it is okay; certain things look nicer in a "woman's world" and others are better in a "man's world"[I'm not using the term appropriate]. It becomes a problem when these advertisements or commercials that break a certain stereotype are not socially accepted.

Krys a dit…

Tobiblis!!! "But do you think it's an Arab thing or we can find it in Europe." leyssa ladayka mou2anass w mouzakar neither in french nor in english so yes it's only an arab thing!!!!

I have another theory, on the shower gel because the woman is supposed to giiiiive her man a hot foaming bath [exciting hein?? hahahah :D] then pasta because she's an adorable devoted woman who will cook for her man hahahahah :D :D

What the heck, in zillions years we'll still as discriminatory as we are now...te fatigues pas it's in our genes.....


wayyy to go Krys!!!!

Krys 1 - Tobilis 0


oh no, wait this is a 3 pointer!

Krys 3 - Tobilis -1 :D

nobilis tobilis a dit…

"leyssa ladayka mou2anass w mouzakar neither in french nor in english so yes it's only an arab thing!!!!"

I know but i meant if they had, would they do the same thing?

Btw, I loved your theories. Although it's discriminatory. But after all, we are different and this is the beauty of it.

yes, I know, only 8Ms, although I know how to count, unlike you. Because there is no -1 in Basketball. Or maybe u meant golf,(which makes me a winner since it's 1 under par) but you know, because of the M thing that you smoke, it becomes difficult for you to discernate between the 2. So now you know where the 9th "M" went. (it's consumed)
Wow, I think it's a flawless victory for me (Mortal combat)

Khawwta a dit…

I'm sure that notices are written by men ;)