jeudi, août 23, 2007

The pursuit of Happyness

I sometimes ask myself. What fo we want from life. Where are we going? What is the purpose of existence? Let's say there is no purpose. There is no goal, no continuity. Well then it's better to live life to the full, happy and problem-free. The problem is that i can't find the right combination that yields to a sustainable happyness. We lead a very busy life, with lots of commitments, relationships, meetings, gatherings, ceremonies, celebrations, workshops, roundtables, vacations and the list goes on and on and on and you think it will stop someday, but it won't.
And we find out suddenly that you've been neglecting the real you, that has been trying hopelessly for care and attention, sending signals without catching the simplest of glimpses.
Therefore, for those who have deciphered the combination,let me please know it.

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poshlemon a dit…

Life is all about 'the pursuit of happyness'. It is never omnipresent and this is what drives us to wake up everyday in hopes of catching that moment of happiness that would remind us yet again why we actually look forward to waking up everyday.

Anonyme a dit…

the answer is 43.
shireen :)

Khawwta a dit…

Inno existential questions? Now ??? .. No thx.. my mind is a big mess so sure I can’t help u here

nobilis tobilis a dit…

in fact, this hope of catching the moment is by itself a source of motivation.

10x u've been of great help :P
However, i'm not convinced with 43. I think it's less.

i'm just trying to find ways helping me to forget about our messy situation

Liliane a dit…

A lot of people say it's the trip and not the actual destination. Bass, I also always remember how we human beings convince ourself that the high grapes, that look so tasty, are sour, la2anno we are afraid of disapointment, and the sour lemons who are near and not so tasty, are actually good for the health, thus the "2ane3a".

Anyway, I didnt decipher it, bass fineh ellak, inno life gets so busy sometimes, I personally retreat w be2rout satleh eddem el TV 3ala shi 2 days w ma be7ke 7adan :P I watch my favorite stuff, eat good food w khay...

nobilis tobilis a dit…

"I personally retreat w be2rout satleh eddem el TV 3ala shi 2 days w ma be7ke 7adan :P I watch my favorite stuff, eat good food w khay... "
I always do that. Maybe this is the ultimate happiness. As you said, maybe it's something very close to you and that you do everyday.

Liliane a dit…

They say its in the simplest moments. and they say its in the souvenir and not in possession... I say tla3 3a shi roller coaster, w let the adrenalin rush!

Anonyme a dit…

Nobilis, your questions crosses my mind too and they come back every once in a while..

In my point of view, there is no happiness that will go on and on and on.. but to reach the maximum amount of happiness per my days in this world I do mixture of:

1. Always having goals, achieving them or being on the road of reaching those goals (if you don't have new goals you feel lost and unhappy)

2. Spending slow moments in the wild nature without thinking about the commitments the meetings or any other appointment or time related task.. (a clam moment in the mountains, under the trees and surrounded by the wild life, or a moment in the heart of the waters under the sea)

3. Learning new things.. anything that is of interest or even trying to learn about something that never got your interest.. this always surprises me and opens the door to new satisfaction and happy moments.

4. at last , although they might be placed at the beginning if you want.. Eat tasty/healthy food.. do sports.. sleep enough.. and of course have sex!

take care my friend and enjoy life :)