mercredi, août 29, 2007

Sophisticated Food

I really can’t understand why food should be sophisticated. I can understand all forms of arts to be sophisticated, but why food. And what’s with the food decoration, the flower-shaped cucumbers or tomatoes and even the green salad that is served as separate items because it’s seen as more exquisite if served that way. (Who told you that a tomato wants to look like a flower; in fact it was a flower and will become a flower, following the natural cycle of nature, not the cycle of the kitchen, following the will of the Chef). Thank god they don’t provide the full vegetables with a knife and we’ll have to slice it and dice. After all, that’s what we call participatory approach that all NGOs and GOs are promoting.

I like to separate things. Food is one thing and art is a completely different thing. Don’t mix them together. Gastronomy has never been an art and will never. It’s one of the most primitive and instinctive, survival-driven side.

To tell you the truth, I would prefer to eat all my food after mixing the whole in a Moulinex blender and eat the resulting paste. After all, it’s going to devolve to another form of paste with the similar texture. People can be of two types. Those who live to eat and others who eat to live. I classify myself among the latter ones.

Is it because the Chef has some artistic tendencies and this is the sole way to express them. I don’t see people taking pictures with their respective plates each time they go to the restaurants? I’ve never done it, although you can’t take me as a reference since I’m not into photos and the never ending photo shoot process. Or is it to compensate the fact that the only fate for food is to be, after being inhaled and going through a long process of deglutition, degradation, peristaltic movements, mixing with other body fluids and enzymes then again other peristaltic movements to finally being defecated as the most repugnant, stinking, brownish paste, similar to the fact that the dead are being dressed from head to toe when being buried or condemned are treated the deluxe way and granted three genie wishes right before their execution?

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It is not the foods mistake, nor our mistake if you are autisitc, i.e can't process more than one ingredient at a time :D

Cooking is art, as much as cycling is a real sport :D

sushi is more than just food... it is a celebration of life, and colors :D


Delirious a dit…

Hey, was all that diatribe about sushi? I thought it was biology 101 or something :P

poshlemon a dit…


I would definitely have to strongly disagree with you. Art is the expression of skill, beauty and substance. Anything may be classified as a form of art because there is not one way of defining art. That's why what you may regard as art, I may not. Many would argue that Escher's work is art while Malevitch's work is not; I believe both are expressions of art but they reach differently to different people due to the aesthetic value they carry forward and its reception.

Cooking is an art in its own right. It requires a certain skill to execute it so that it appeals to the senses of the receiver; how or why, that varies. I would not eat food that does not look appealing or "artistic'; that's just me. It also has been immortalized through paintings and photographs from medieval times until now. One of these would be Irving Penn, the very renowned and studied photographer at schools that teach photography(my school was one of them, where we actually took courses on food photography).

I hope I may have been able to change your mind ;) I'm so sorry for this long comment that sounds like a speech; not my intention.

nobilis tobilis a dit…

Les Mz,
I'm not autistic, i'm artistic :P

Was it? Because i don't remember anything from biology (although it was my undergrad. major)

1st of all thank you for this informative comment,
2nd, welcome to my blog that i've been neglecting for a while
3rd, i wouldn't disagree with you, especially concerning the definition of art as the expression of skill, beauty and substance and that everything can be classified as art. I believe that we may hate one thing but appreciate the aesthetic value of it and vice versa.
However, I think that sometimes, an object or a product is considered as an art depending on the purpose of it rather than the aesthetic value. For instance, when a plate of pasta is destined to sustain me for one day or as a source of carbohydrates for the Marathon, I wouldn't perceive it as an object of art, however, a Miro painting, with a blue background and few white dots on it is, at least for me, a piece of art.
Anyway, as you said, people perceive things differently and the impact differs from one person to another

Liliane a dit…

I disagree with you. You are complicating things, yes living to eat is not acceptable, but eating to live, does not only consist in eating, it involves eating something good and healthy and tasty! ya3ne, eh leish la2, why can't food be art? and after all art is free, it can come in any shape, color or odor done on anything. walla la2?

Kif ken el sushi? shaklak mredet min ba3da :P

nobilis tobilis a dit…

yeah mredet. Diarrhoea :( But that is not the reason behind writing the post.

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Hold on a second here! what's this blasphemy! Sushi does not cause diarrhea!!! never speak (or write) of sushi like that in front of me neverrrrr!


U un-carnivor (i.e don't eat raw meat! mish meat in general) creature :D (are you impressed? :D) sushi is tasty, healthy, and what was that u said... oh yeah.. and good! u don't believe me? ask Del! and shrek!

Remember me, when Tobilis disapears once more from the blogosphere! he always says: this time am back for good! but he never is :d go back a few posts back :D

nobilis tobilis a dit…
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Krys a dit…

trobilis chou ekel??????

Hamilton70554 a dit…

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poshlemon a dit…

Nobilis Tobilis,

Thanks for thanking me about visiting ;) I will only visit if you promise to keep posting about your views on arts and allowing me to disagree with you. No, I am kidding. But your post helped me refresh my memory on what I had learnt as an arts student.

nobilis tobilis a dit…


Thanks for thanking me about thanking you about you visiting my blog :P
and about my post helping you refreshing your memory about art, I consider this as a compliment.

Rola a dit…