mardi, septembre 25, 2007


To make things more interactive, I’m going to reply to a post by poshlemon by stating my fears because as ella said, we all have fears but few of us have the guts to face them. My fears can also be as silly as MMMMMMMMM’s (according to him)

I’m afraid of walking on the borders of the sidewalk.
I’m afraid of sudden changes in my life. I like things to be stable, therefore I hate when I get used to someone or something, to end it radically.
I’m afraid of cockroaches as much as I prefer not to kill them. (Refer to a previous post of mine)
I’m afraid of the crowd as much as I adore loneliness.
I’m afraid to reread my exam after I’m done with it.
I’m afraid of meeting new people.
I’m afraid of being misunderstood, which happens often.
I’m afraid to look at people straight in the eyes. (However, I do it often seeking for eye contact with girls on the street)
I’m afraid of disclosing what I really feel about someone or something.
I’m afraid to share my emotions.
I’m afraid to reveal my identity.
I’m afraid of being judged and criticized, although I know it’s very healthy.
I’m afraid of light as much as I worship the dark.
I’m afraid of the truth, therefore, as a first remedy, tell me openly, what you think of me.

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Anonyme a dit…

"What I think of u" my dear friend is very hard to cram in a simple comment… I’m going to just say however that I admire you for this post, for having the courage to face some of what makes your very essence… j’en connais qui se soûlent toute une vie pour éviter de regarder leur vérité… C’est vrai q la vérité fait peur, mais vivre un mensonge est de loin plus terrifiant.
Z (or L :D)

Liliane a dit…

I donno why this post made me smile

Khawwta a dit…

I think you feel like a normal person.. you are lebanese after all

poshlemon a dit…


this is very nice to read. I am glad that now it's two of us who have admitted to few of their fears. After reading your list, I think I share a few fears with you. But, I won't be telling you which ;) I would have to post a sequel to my earlier Fears post.

It takes courage to openly admit some of your fears. By doing so, you're acknowledging these fears, you're aware of them and this means you're not lying to yourself or to others... something many of us do, knowingly or unknowingly...

nobilis tobilis a dit…

Z (or L) :D 10x for the comment. and i'm still waiting a post from you :D

you have to tell me y :P

I think this is beyond the socio-political and economic situation in the country. This is more related to our very essence as Z said.

you will have to share them with me so we'll face them better :D

Krys a dit…

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmhhhhhhhhhh my fear???!!!!!! well let me see [am scratching my head here.......... still scratching....] OOOOOooOOOOO I know: my fear is that ure still mad!!! ...ehem ehem.. :)))

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nobilis tobilis a dit…

I'm not mad! We already talked about this! Unless this comment is written b4 our conversation? hehe

poshlemon a dit…

Nobilis Tobilis,

did you disappear into the abyss of your fears or what? Return.

nobilis tobilis a dit…

hehe! still there. but a little busy these days. I will post very soon.
and btw, 10x for asking abt me :D

Liliane a dit…

NT well I guess after you read mine and smiled, am sure you know why hehe

poshlemon a dit…

Nobilis Tobilis,

I keep returning in hopes of reading a new post, but nope. I come back to see the "Fears" post yet again ;)

Khawwta a dit…

You are tagged

Gracefulis :P a dit…

hi there mister nobilis :P
i loved your undercover cybernetic identity... I guess I've always felt like you had a hidden mysterious side... :)