lundi, septembre 17, 2007

nobilis tobilis the Phoenician

I had this strange feeling when I’ve been told that I’m of Phoenician origins. This was in a study conducted in collaboration with National Geographic, the Genographic project. I felt overwhelmed with mixed emotions of joy and pride, to be of Phoenician origins, one of the greatest and most ancient civilizations, which once invented the alphabet.
It’s a shame how people are behind the rise of one civilization, whereas now, in Lebanon, people are behind its downfall.

3 commentaires:


man, aslak trobliseh! admit it :D

poshlemon a dit…


shu behon ahel trablos? lol "a7la 3alam"!

Khawwta a dit…

Awlak ahil kessrouwan are from Phoenician origins.. I konw I am "bikoulli jawarihi" :)