mercredi, décembre 07, 2005


An Illiterate person is someone who can't read and write any language. Personally, I'm not illiterate because I write and read even in many languages (Arabic, French, English and even Spanish). However, I think there is a problem nowadays. Another criteria should be added in order to define illiteracy.Typing! Since things are evolving and we are using keyboards more than pens. I can type in Franch, English, Spanish even German if you want! But I can't type in ARABIC. Well perhaps I could but it will take me light years to type a tiny paragraph. I'm Illiterate in ARABIC

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zizou from Djerba a dit…

We have a statistics question for you.. WHY THE HELL IS THE P(x) in the binomial equation for MEAN and VARIANCE????

That and have you bought your bike YET? what the heck is taking so damned long! EVERYONE WANTS KIDNEYS THESE DAYS it can't be THAT hard selling them!

c etait haidar .. d'ailleurs azizi tu dois laisser une opportunite aux anonymous de t ecrire