jeudi, février 16, 2006

"Can't buy me love" ... but on this special day, I can buy you a perfect weather

There are many things money can't buy. Among these things is Love. The 14th of February 2006 , the day where the march 14th coalition, (or the remainings of it, since we are still waiting for the FPM to rejoin the coalition) was quite an unusual day, maybe not by the number, which is pretty high, but not as high as the march 14th demonstration and not as spontaneous of course. Back to the intriguing thing that surprised everybody that day, was the fact that the God is on the side of the march 14th coalition. Not exactly! A friend of mine told me that, he knew, from close friends to Hariri, that he bought a technology (that function in the opposite way of the rain harvesting technology). It's a Russian, however very expensive technology, that cleared the sky of Lebanon for more than five hours, just the sufficient time to create the perfect, encouraging weather for the people to leave their homes and gather in the Martyr's Square baptized freedom Square.. Money can buy anything, and on this special day, Valentine's Day, Saad Hariri, offered, for the Lebanese people, in the memory of his father, a special, high tech gift that defied the laws of the Mother Nature.

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