jeudi, février 16, 2006

A lazy day for a not so lazy guy

It's thursday. I have a day off, since my only class for today has been postponed to Friday evening (too bad because I have to go to the North, not the North pole, North of Lebanon) and since my GA work for this semester hasn't started yet. It's time for a non productive, lazy day at home. I did lots of effort to drag my ass to the faculty. However it's a well deserved rest day after my marathonian day on wednesday, since it begins at 8:00 till 5:30. However it was a good day because it was crowned with the ritual monthly Lebanese bloggers meeting that was held in Gemmayze, Ahwet l 2zez. There were nine of us. We discussed lots of topics, mainly political. I thought that the meeting was on 7 (actually it was on 7:30) C'est que j'avais la tête ailleurs. So It was a good opportunity for me to hang out in the amazing and very interesting Gemmayze street. After half an hour, I came back to Ahwet l2zez, to found that Eve, Otter, Zied and Ahmad were already there waiting. Then came Jamal, Zwixo, Mana and Bob . So it was a total of nine bloggers. Go to the lebanese bloggers forum to see the report of Zwixo and Bob.

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