dimanche, février 05, 2006

God Bless You Denmark

It seems like in Lebanon, people are divided into two clans. Ones who want A prosperous Lebanon and others want it barbarian. Ones who want to construct Lebanon, others who want to destroy it. Ones who want the freedom of speech, and others who enjoy being shut up. Ones who want a Lebanon for all the Lebanese and other who want it a copy of Iran or Afghanistan. Ones who want a leader that represents all the Lebanese and others who want Ahmadi Najad or Oussama Ben Laden as a leader. Ones who seek the light, others who enjoy the Darkness.
Thank you, barbarians for what you did today. Thank you for showing to the world a bright image of our country. I can only be grateful.
Maybe what the Danish did was wrong. This does not explain all these acts. It seems that they were waiting for such thing to show to the world how civilized they are.
Well, I'm sorry. I'm not boycotting any of the Danish products. Especially LEGO. And by the way, Denmark has always shown a very open governance, especially by respecting the values, beliefs and culture of their citizen, regardless their religious or cultural background.

3 commentaires:

Jacob Larsen a dit…

I'm glad to hear your opinion.

I live in Denmark. I consider this country to very understanding towards other cultures and have deep respect for any religion.

But i get disapointed and terrified when I see the pictures from the middleeast and the television.

A hope of peace

Jacob, Denmark

nobilis tobilis a dit…

Thank u for your comment.
My aim from the post is to show to the world what we Lebanese really are. Those who were destroying the embassies, churches, destroying and stealing banks, smashing cars, weren't Lebanese and don't deserve to be Lebanese. We are people of peace not of war because we learnt from our sad but however fruitful experience.

HAMSA a dit…



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