lundi, février 27, 2006

Weekly bus trip #2 "a breach in the system"

You remember the post entitled "weekly bus trip"? For those who doesn't know the post, refer to the December 2005 archives. Well. I found a breach in the system. Pick the seat adjacent to a broken one. Nobody wants to sit on a broken seat, no? Unless he is a masochist and loves to torture himself. I tried it last Friday and it worked. It was one of the most successful bus trip to Tripoli. You may ask yourself why is this guy talking endlessly about meaningless daily details?
I do believe that these tiny details and experiences add a special flavor to our life. Every little detail has a deep meaning that needs to be deciphered.

vendredi, février 17, 2006

jeudi, février 16, 2006

A lazy day for a not so lazy guy

It's thursday. I have a day off, since my only class for today has been postponed to Friday evening (too bad because I have to go to the North, not the North pole, North of Lebanon) and since my GA work for this semester hasn't started yet. It's time for a non productive, lazy day at home. I did lots of effort to drag my ass to the faculty. However it's a well deserved rest day after my marathonian day on wednesday, since it begins at 8:00 till 5:30. However it was a good day because it was crowned with the ritual monthly Lebanese bloggers meeting that was held in Gemmayze, Ahwet l 2zez. There were nine of us. We discussed lots of topics, mainly political. I thought that the meeting was on 7 (actually it was on 7:30) C'est que j'avais la tête ailleurs. So It was a good opportunity for me to hang out in the amazing and very interesting Gemmayze street. After half an hour, I came back to Ahwet l2zez, to found that Eve, Otter, Zied and Ahmad were already there waiting. Then came Jamal, Zwixo, Mana and Bob . So it was a total of nine bloggers. Go to the lebanese bloggers forum to see the report of Zwixo and Bob.

"Can't buy me love" ... but on this special day, I can buy you a perfect weather

There are many things money can't buy. Among these things is Love. The 14th of February 2006 , the day where the march 14th coalition, (or the remainings of it, since we are still waiting for the FPM to rejoin the coalition) was quite an unusual day, maybe not by the number, which is pretty high, but not as high as the march 14th demonstration and not as spontaneous of course. Back to the intriguing thing that surprised everybody that day, was the fact that the God is on the side of the march 14th coalition. Not exactly! A friend of mine told me that, he knew, from close friends to Hariri, that he bought a technology (that function in the opposite way of the rain harvesting technology). It's a Russian, however very expensive technology, that cleared the sky of Lebanon for more than five hours, just the sufficient time to create the perfect, encouraging weather for the people to leave their homes and gather in the Martyr's Square baptized freedom Square.. Money can buy anything, and on this special day, Valentine's Day, Saad Hariri, offered, for the Lebanese people, in the memory of his father, a special, high tech gift that defied the laws of the Mother Nature.

vendredi, février 10, 2006

A day at a fancy gym

Final exams are over. It's time for a relaxation day in order to kick off the next semester in a refreshing way, with new spirit. My friend, Otter, invited me to a fancy gym in Beirut. We began with an endurance training on a stationery bike for about an hour. Afterwards, he dragged me to a spinning class. I was kinda humiliated there. I found out at this moment that the endurance training had eaten up all my resources left in my body. 60-year old women were able to keep up with Patricia and I was stuck on the first gear. Anyways, after the spinning class, it was time for the relaxation, specially for the sore muscles of mine. I went to the locker room to see my first shocking scene. An old man's naked butt. (Actually he was totally naked) In fact, that was the first butt for the day. And then, the butt show began. In that day, I saw more butts than I've ever seen in my whole life. In fact, I've never seen mine that much. I used to think that in Lebanon, people are more reserved than in Europe but it seems that they feel even more comfortable with their body, regardless how ugly their bodies were. Or maybe it's a social aspect specific for a privileged social class. In all cases, I don't want to see naked butts. It's a violation of one of my rights. The freedom of sight.

dimanche, février 05, 2006

God Bless You Denmark

It seems like in Lebanon, people are divided into two clans. Ones who want A prosperous Lebanon and others want it barbarian. Ones who want to construct Lebanon, others who want to destroy it. Ones who want the freedom of speech, and others who enjoy being shut up. Ones who want a Lebanon for all the Lebanese and other who want it a copy of Iran or Afghanistan. Ones who want a leader that represents all the Lebanese and others who want Ahmadi Najad or Oussama Ben Laden as a leader. Ones who seek the light, others who enjoy the Darkness.
Thank you, barbarians for what you did today. Thank you for showing to the world a bright image of our country. I can only be grateful.
Maybe what the Danish did was wrong. This does not explain all these acts. It seems that they were waiting for such thing to show to the world how civilized they are.
Well, I'm sorry. I'm not boycotting any of the Danish products. Especially LEGO. And by the way, Denmark has always shown a very open governance, especially by respecting the values, beliefs and culture of their citizen, regardless their religious or cultural background.