mardi, janvier 23, 2007


I’m really stressed out today. I’m nut sure if it is because of the many deadlines that I have to meet and struggling to meet them or it’s the general situation of the country, which is now on the verge of a new civil war. I can’t manage to put my thoughts together. I’ve been trying since the morning but in vain. I think it’s mainly the strike launched by the opposition. They reminded me of the July war scenes, blocking the airport, obstructing the veins of the country and imposing a blockade on the Lebanese, just like Israel did during the war.

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Anonyme a dit…

Am so far away from what is going on today in Lebanon, yet my head feels so heavy and am at loss for words. Stressed out doesn't begin to describe my feelings. It's still early in the day here,and I think it's gonna be the longest day of my life.
Stay strong and safe,


nobilis tobilis a dit…

Thanks for the support. Indeed, I think you are affected the same by what's happening, even more since things appear amplificated when you are abroad.
Anyhow, take care

sarcastictothebone a dit…

I think you just have to keep on breathing in this shitty situation.......God! People are paralyzing our country, eroding our economy, instigating psychological trauma on the civilians……..

All we need to do is keep on breathing…… quality of life is not gonna get better, I have a weird feeling the worse is yet to come…..

nobilis tobilis a dit…

Well said,
I believe that the worst is yet to come

Anonyme a dit…

Once again “civil war” ..I'd like to think that the Lebanese are smart enough to avoid such disaster otherwise more Lebanese people are going to die.
God bless Lebanon

nobilis tobilis a dit…

I think most of the Lebanese learned from the past and won't do the same mistake.
I hope so.