mardi, janvier 16, 2007

The perfect sound to me

The perfect sound to me is when I hear the sms tone in my phone telling me that I have just received an sms. I'm not that desperate but this sound always gives me relief. However, the big deception is when I discover that the sms was from a polling agency, asking me if "You support Sanioura to stay in the serail?" or "Aoun for Presidency?" I'm paying enough for my phone bills. (In Lebanon, we have the privilege of having the most expensive phone call) So please, refrain from all these meaningless, full of biases studies that are boosting the tensions between Lebanese and ruining my perfect moment. (which is the sound of sms)

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Khawwta a dit…

10000000% Agree with you

Anonyme a dit…

Same here, except that those annoying sms are not some "statistics" ;), c'est plutot genre "Rencontrez l'ame soeur sur" ou bien "vous avez gagne 10000 euros, appelez le truc machin pr verifier que vous etes le gagnant" !!!!

Anonyme a dit…

I don't know much about how cell phones work in Lebanon. Please don't tell me that you are charged when u receive calls too?? most of the calls I make are to cell phones. Am embarrassed already !!


nobilis tobilis a dit…

kkhawwta :)
krys, tás reussi à rencontrer l'ame soeur? Ca marche? :P

Noura, don't worry you won't be charge when you receive calls, unless it's roamed. :)
Ans when you call from abroad, I don't think there is difference between cell and land lines. It's inside Lebanon where the cost is relatively high, especially for the pre-paid lines.

Anonyme a dit…

L'ame soeur non....mais j'ai gagne la grande cagnotte de moi qui ne croyais pas a la chance lol :D

nobilis tobilis a dit…

Selon mmon email, chui l'homme le plus riche du monde, j' y ai gagné la loterie plus de cent fois