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2006 Resolutions: A final appraisal

A year has passed since the declaration of the 2006 resolutions on my blog. (see Resolutions for 2006 and “Resolutions for 2006” bis) and now it’s time to evaluate and have a quick update on what type of a person I have become now and to what extent these resolutions had made an impact on my lifestyle, my personality and my way of thinking. For the purpose of convenience, I’ll try to go point by point.
First of all, my smoking status is still the same, non-smoker/ passive smoker. Believe me guys, it’s just too difficult to lower your tobacco exposure to zero. It’s impossible! Unless you choose a really boring and dull lifestyle, where you will be forced to make tons of sacrifices. It’s a really big commitment I’m not ready for it for the time being. Moreover, the government hasn’t made any progress towards this. You all know what the country and the government have been enduring lately so tobacco policies are still premature to be brought up.
As for the alcohol, I’m miles away from my projected goal. For instance, I’ve been acting for the last week like a real alcoholic. I managed to stay hung over for al full week. I’m writing this while the hang-over effects are still lasting so don’t be tough on me if you find any incoherence in my thoughts.

As for resources management, it turned to be a real success, without by the way compromising my usual lifestyle. And in June 2006, my bike just arrived from the states to my home, and few weeks later, we started with my friend Otter, long rides from Beirut to the regions.
Regarding my academic performance, it went really good. I got my full GA and excellent grades in the following semester. After that, I got accepted to work on a project with a pharmaceutical company, but then, everything went wrong and the July war on Lebanon started. No need to explain more. You all know what happened there and what were the serious consequences of this war on the physical and mental status of the people, on the economy of the country and on the internal and external stability. During the period of the war and the aftermath, all organizations, ministries, companies, shifted their activities towards relief and other war-related activities and so did I. I volunteered in the public health team in a coalition of NGO and then started working with a British NGO (Oxfam) for three months. It was a very enriching experience by the way.
Concerning eating behavior, no need to tell you that I haven’t made any progress!
Last but not least, meditation still follows a very irregular pattern, which by the way has a causal effect on the point that preceded, since the whole approach is considered as holistic.
Anyway, that’s all for the 2006 resolutions appraisal. I can tell that I achieved 75% to 80% of them which is by any means, an outstanding score. Anyway, stay tuned for my next post which is somehow related to this one since I will be discussing my 2007 resolutions.

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