lundi, janvier 15, 2007

To kill or not to kill

Every time I encounter a cockroach in my apartment, I’m plunged in the middle of a dilemma. First I don’t kill animals and second I have an excessive phobia from cockroaches and I don’t want any roommate. So, if someone has an advice for me, please let me know, and don’t tell me that I have to clean because this has nothing to do with it, especially that this specie has evolved in a way that made it very adaptable to the external environment, therefore, you can find it everywhere! Cockroaches are going to ruin the world!

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rampurple a dit…

use a vacuum cleaner. this way they wont die :D

also, why dont u avoid them in the first place? there are companies that would come and spray ur house once a year to ensure you dont get any type of bugs for the entire year. thats what we do.

nobilis tobilis a dit…

It's already sprayed. It's weird especially that it's winter time and insects are in the middle of their "diapause" (I don't know the word in English)

Anonyme a dit…

kill the cockroach and don't feel guilty cause it's not an animal...that's a cockroach..made to be crushed!!! Yuk I hate it!!!

Anonyme a dit…

First time visiting your blog.

What can I say,I have the same problem. I live in Florida and cockroaches are part of daily life,and are bigger than the ones found in Lebanon,I've never seen anything like this.I sprayed one once and instead of it running away,it turned back and started chasing me!! Trust me, there is nothing you can do to make them disappear,not even fumigating. The only thing that worked for me is spraying once a week with a good brand of raoch spray like "Raid" in all rooms. Well, this way you will find them at least dead,and you better start now before summer time. Now picking them up is another story, don't even ask!!

Very nice blog,

nobilis tobilis a dit…

10x for the tip :)

You're welcome whenever you want, u have to feel like home
I'll try this weekly spraying